Five Views On The Exodus
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Five Views On The Exodus

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In, Five Views of the Exodus, Dr. Scott Stripling, ABR's Director of Excavations at ancient Shiloh, contributes an essential chapter on the early-date of the Exodus (15th century). Dr. Stripling provides critical archaeological evidence and analysis missing from the primary competing viewpoints. We encourage the ABR family to pick up a copy of this important text and consider again the significant contribution that ABR is making in the current debate regarding the chronology of the Exodus.

Despite its unique legacy, many scholars regard the exodus as fictitious or a cultural memory that may not be a historical event. Even among those who believe the exodus happened, there is no consensus regarding its date. Five Views on the Exodus brings together experts in the fields of biblical studies, Egyptology, and archaeology to discuss and debate the most vexing questions about the exodus. Each offers their own view and offer constructive responses to other leading views on the exodus.

The five views presented here include:

  • Early Date: The Exodus Took Place in the Fifteenth Century BC (Scott Stripling)
  • Late Date: A Historical Exodus in the Thirteenth Century BC (James K. Hoffmeier)
  • A Hyksos Levite Led Exodus in the Time of Ramesses II (Peter Feinman)
  • Alternative Late Date: The Exodus Took Place in the Twelfth Century BC (Gary A. Rendsburg)
  • The Exodus as Cultural Memory: A Transformation of Historical Events (Ronald Hendel)

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