Creation Without Compromise

Creation Without Compromise

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A Christian worldview response to evolutionary challenges to the faith

An eye-opening and easy-to-understand Christian worldview response to the long history of evolutionary attack on the Word of God, and to the many recent compromises with Genesis within the church. Explains the battle of worldviews that underpins and transcends the modern creation-evolution debate. Shows the devastating results of not anchoring all our thinking on the Bible, and how we can avoid falling into the same trap today. Also highlights the baneful effects of evolution on society, culminating in the Nazi eugenics and Holocaust.

In engaging language it shows that the tactics of God's opponents, in today's battle for hearts and minds, have not really changed since ancient times, and presents a clarion wake-up call to the church that strikes just the right note for this time in history.

Donald D. Crowe

Paperback, 296 pages

Level: Layman

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