Searching for the Original Bible: DVD

Searching for the Original Bible: DVD

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Teaching DVD with Dr. Randall Price

Students of the Bible soon learn that we do not possess the original manuscripts of the Bible as handed down by the prophets and apostles. One of the first questions asked in response is 'if we do not have the Original Bible, what do we have? Can we trust a text that has been copied and recopied for thousands of years? Has its message been accurately passed down to us? Can the Bible still claim to be inspired and inerrant? Noted researcher and archaeologist Randall Price tackles crucial, faith-challenging questions about the integrity of the biblical text and its claim to be divine communication.

Dr. Price covers in summary fashion some of the contents of his book, Searching for the Original Bible, and in addition covers the issue of how archaeology is able to provide supplementary evidence the reliability of the Bible , bringing his expert knowledge of the Bible to look at important topics:

 * What happened to the Original Bible?

* Can we trust the Old and New Testaments?

* Is it possible to believe the Bible is inspired and inerrant?

* How does Archaeology help in the issues of inerrancy

All evidence available today, concludes the author, upholds even more strongly the historic views of orthodox Christianity. Not only is the biblical text a trustworthy copy of the Original Bible, but also it remains the authoritative record of divine revelation for every time, every place, and every person.

DVD, 60 minutes