Heresy of Orthodoxy

Heresy of Orthodoxy

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Old heresies and arguments against Christianity have a habit of reappearing long after they have been thought dead. Mainstream skeptic Bart Ehrman has resurrected the thesis of radical German critic Walter Bauer. Ehrman argues that there was a not a common orthodoxy in the early church. Rather, orthodoxy won the day and shoved other Christianities to the side.

The new presentation of the Bauer thesis by Bart Ehrman needs a fresh dissection lest readers of it be tempted to think that it demands credence. Andreas Kostenberger and Michael Kruger do just that. In this well researched work, the authors not only dismantle the Ehrman-Bauer thesis, they also provide a strong historical and theological defense of the New Testament Canon. With this, they also interact extensively with Ehrman's half-truths concerning the transmission and copying of the NT manuscripts.

This book is a must read for those interested in digging further in these all important issues.

Andreas Kostenberger, Ph.D. and Michael Kruger Ph.D.

Crossway Books, paperback, 250 pages.

Level: Semi-Technical

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