Four issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 2005
2005 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues
2005 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues
2005 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues

2005 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues

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Fall 2005
Biblical Archaeology: Eternal Implications- Extra-Biblical Evidence for the Conquest - Archaeologists Fail to Use Sound Reasoning - Which Way Did They Go? The Magi's Escape from King Herod - Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rev. 2:8-11), Part I: Archaeological Background - For Young Archaeologists: Herod the Great

Summer 2005
Pharaoh Merenptah Meets Israel- The Synagogue on the Isle of Delos and the Epistle of James - Archaeologist Says He Has Found St. Paul's Tomb

Spring 2005
Shechem: Its Archaeological and Contextual Significance - Abimelech at Shechem - Excavating with ABR at Hazor - Archaeology is NOT a Treasure Hunt - The Cave of John the Baptist - For Young Archaeologists: David and Goliath 

Winter 2005
Israel In Egypt- The Lotus in Ancient Egypt and the Bible - Between the Pillars: Revisiting Samson and the House of Dagon - What are lmlk Stamps and What Were They Used For? - Jerusalem Fell in 587 Not 586 BC - Digging with ABR at Hazor - Great Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology: The Mari Archive and the Nuzi Tablets


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