2009 Bible and Spade Back Issues
2009 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues
2009 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues

2009 Bible and Spade Digital Back Issues

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Fall 2009 The Use of Geology in the Authentication of the James Ossuary - The Ashkelon Experience - Is the Resurrection Historically Reliable?  -  The Curious History of the Editor in Biblical Criticism

Summer 2009 The Life and Legacy of Dr. David Livingston - Dave's Very First Dig - Our Rich History and the Future of ABR -  Researching Ai - Remember, Archaeology is Not a Treasure Hunt (abridged) - Researching Jericho - The Future is Bright for ABR - A Tribute to Dr. David Livingston

Spring 2009 Archaeology, Paleontology, Noah's Flood and the Book of Genesis - Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6? - Dinosaur Mysteries: How Do They Fit into History? -  Neanderthal Life Spans and the Bible - Making Sense of the Days of Peleg

Winter 2009 The Temple Mount Sifting Project - 'The Most Important Discovery was the People': An Interview with Dr. Gabriel Barkay - The Pleasure of Dust - Pictures Worth a Thousand Words - Picture Postcards from the Psalmists - Parables from the Taybeh House - Holding History in My Hand - Sifters Profiles - People, Places, Psalmists and a Hot Wheels Car - Jerusalem Journey - Assorted Pictures - The Logos: God or 'a' god?

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