2017 Bible and Spade Back Issues
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2017 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Fall 2017 Editorial: A Herd of ‘Elephs in the Church • We Hear You! • The Archaeology of Christmas • Tel Dan: Worshiping at the Altar of Convenience • Science Meets the Shroud • The Ram's Head

Summer 2017 Editorial: Digging Integrity • We Hear You! • Daniel 4 and the Testimony of Nebuchadnezzar • Solomon and the Kings of Tyre • Fresh Light on the Governors of Judea

Spring 2017 Editorial: The‘Eleph in the Room • We Hear You! • Foreshadowings of the Messiah's Resurrection • Khirbet el-Maqatir: A Biblical Site on the Benjamin–Ephraim Border • The Stratification of “Tel” Maqatir • The Mystery of the Headless Statue • The Bible and the Problem of Evil • Hebrew as the Language of the World’s Oldest Alphabet • Pools of Bethesda – God’s Kindness and Our Repentance

Winter 2017 Editorial: Tactics of the Fringe: Exercises in Futility • We Hear You! • Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6? • Is the Bible Syncretistic Literature? • Book Review: The Lost World of Adam and Eve • Domestic Architecture at Khirbet el-Maqatir

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