2019 Bible and Spade Back Issues
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2019 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Winter 2019: Bryant Wood, Servant of Christ - "Only What's Done For Christ Will Last" - Locating Bethel: what Does the Evidence Tell Us? - Scholar, Mentor, Teacher and Friend - Let the Evidence Speak - A Man Skillful in his Work - The Rise and Fall of the 13th Century Exodus-Conquest Theory - The Man and the Method - A Border Fortress in the Highlands of Canaan - A Patient Mentor and a Kind Friend - My Tribute to Bryant Wood - Hittites and Hethites: A Proposed Solution to an Etymological Conundrum - Articles by Bryant Wood
Spring / Summer 2019: Beneath The Surface - We Hear You - Reporting from Israel: Shiloh Network News - An Israelite Storage Jar from the Time of Judges - Literary Parallels Between Homer and the Biblical Philistines - Travel Journal: ABR Tours and Shiloh Dig Photos 2019 - Promised Land Pomegranates - The Historical Reliability of Luke's Gospel Part 1 - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Sovereignty of God - Who's Who in Biblical Archaeology 

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