Four issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 2001

2001 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Fall 2001

Bone, Burials and Biblical History, Part I - Saga of 'Sardine Sam' - 'Meat Offered to Idols' in Pergamom and Thyatira - New Evidence of the 'Real' Site of the Temple - A Response to Martin's 'Real' Site of the Temple

Summer 2001
Who was 'Nimrod?' - Don't be a Nimrod! - David Rohl's Revised Egyptian Chronology - Musical Instruments in Biblical Israel - King David's Harp - An Effect of Evolutionary Thinking

Spring 2001
The Sacred Precinct on Mt. Gerizim - Samaritan Passover - Archaeological Excavations at the Baptism Site, 'Bethany Beyond the Jordan' - The Enigma of the Palm Branch - A Sacred Place - The Resurrection: Reason to Believe or Wishful Thinking?

Winter 2001
Khirbet Nisya 2000 - Socioeconomic Factors in the Success of Early Christianity - Tel Dor: Ruler of the Seas - Ehud's Escape

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