Archaeology and the Old Testament

Archaeology and the Old Testament

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Archaeological discoveries can shed a flood of light on the biblical text. In this richly illustrated resource, Alfred Hoerth surveys the entire Old Testament, pointing out the relevant archaeological material and explaining how it enriches biblical studies.

Teachers and students alike will welcome the combination of Hoerth's informed scholarship and engaging style of presentation as he skillfully guides them through the many facets of biblical archaeology. His careful selection of material and his sensible approach to showing the reader how to use that material to gain understanding of the Old Testament combine to make this a superb introduction to the discipline. Hoerth's archaeological expertise is evident on every page. His years of teaching experience also yield their subtle fruits as he masterfully intertwines the biblical story with the history and culture of the ancient Near East. Archaeology and its finds become the tools of his craft as he artfully portrays the rich culture of the biblical world.--John Walton, Wheaton College

This volume is richly illustrated with over two-hundred photographs, line-drawings, chronological charts, maps, and tables. Each chapter is enhanced by a full reference list, as well as Scripture and subject indexes. Indeed, Hoerth has achieved what few have attempted, an integration of the Bible and recent archaeological discoveries in the ancient Near East, while retaining a generally high view of Scripture. This volume makes a significant contribution to the field and is essential for anyone interested in Near Eastern archaeology and the Bible. . . . Archaeology and the Old Testament will undoubtedly serve as a reference source for interested students of the Bible and a textbook for introductory archaeology courses in seminaries and parochial schools for many years to come.--Michael G. Hasel, Andrews University Seminary

Alfred Hoerth, Baker Books

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