Holy Relics or Revelation: Examining the Claims of Ron Wyatt

Holy Relics or Revelation: Examining the Claims of Ron Wyatt

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For the devout Christian, faith is anchored in the revealed Word. When Biblical archeology confirms the Scriptures, it stirs the heart.

Biblical archaeologists have gathered archaeologist data with painstaking effort and scholarship. Their work validates the accuracy of the Bible. Yet mostly within a single decade, Ron Wyatt sought out and claimed the most amazing Biblical sites and relics. The sensational discoveries claimed by Wyatt number nearly 100 and include such things as the Ark of the Covenant, anchor stones from Noah's Ark, a book of the law written by Moses, and the original Ten Commandments in stone. Also Christ's literal living blood, fences from Noah's farm, the Golden Censer, Goliath's sword, the graves of Korah and friends, the Table of Showbread, and the wheels of Pharaoh's chariots (Standish, pages 7-10). These are only the beginning.

It is unfortunate for those who love the Bible that all of these incredible claims are almost certainly fraudulent. A great criticism  leveled at Mr. Wyatt has been that his evidence has generally been in the form of either photographs or inconclusive specimens, which may or may not have come from the source he claims. His findings have not been given independent confirmation by other researchers with specialized training in the fields of archaeology and related sciences, which Mr. Wyatt (a nurse anesthetist by profession) did not have (he died in 1999). This lack of specific education by itself  would not invalidate his findings if they could be supported by others, but they cannot.

In this book, the Standish brothers examine the Wyatt claims in-depth, going beyond his videotaped claims. These findings can serve as a benchmark upon which Ron Wyatt's discoveries can be more carefully evaluated. In 58 easily-read chapters the Standishs meticulously, painstakingly examine in detail all of Wyatt's claims.

Author: Russell R. & Colin D. Standish
Pages: 300
Publisher: Hartland Publications

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