Jericho Unearthed DVD

Jericho Unearthed DVD

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This DVD extensively features Dr. Bryant Wood on the ground in Israel at the site of Jericho. The evidence from Jericho is presented, the basics of archaeology are explained, and the history of excavations at Jericho are also outlined. Jericho Unearthed has a cutting edge feel and presentation that is useful for Bible study, Sunday school and teaching teenagers. Jericho Unearthed can be used by Christians scholars and laymen alike as an effective witnessing tool in support of the Bible's inerrancy and historical reliability.

Here is a review from a long time ABR supporter:

Last night my wife and I watched our newly arrived DVD 'Jericho Unearthed'.  We were both very impressed with the presentation.  I was well aware of the issues having read/studied Dr. Wood's stuff in both BAR from sometime in the 1990's plus material in Bible and Spade and having heard in person several lectures.  My wife was not acquainted with the matter.  We both thought that the presentation was extremely understandable for folks without any background.  We plan to have our 7 year old grandchildren watch it for we believe the presentation will communicate well with them.

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