Victory at Ai: Archaeology and Joshua 7-8: DVD

Victory at Ai: Archaeology and Joshua 7-8: DVD

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Professionally produced DVD with ABR's latest archaeological research from Israel!

Ai is simply an embarrassment to every view of the conquest that takes the biblical and archaeological evidence seriously.

This is what Bible critics have been saying for decades about the Israelite battle at Ai in Joshua 7-8. ABR has conducted original archaeological research in Israel, and the evidence we have uncovered is powerful! Our excavation site matches the dozen or so requirements for a location to be the lost city of Ai. Dr. Bryant Wood untangles the mess and presents the overwhelming evidence that vindicates the Biblical account, showing once again that skeptical assertions about the Bible are without merit.

60 minute DVD, plays in all regions, not coded. Recorded in October, 2012.

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