2008 Bible and Spade Back Issues

2008 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Fall 2008

Recent Research on the Date and Setting of the Exodus - Evidence for Inerrancy from a Second Unexpected Source: The Jubilee and Sabbatical Cycles - Thinking Clearly about the Jesus Family Tomb

Summer 2008
Delphi's Influence on the World of the New Testament Part 3: Faults, Fumes and Visions - Mount Ararat Archaeological Survey

Spring 2008
In Quest of the Temple Mount
 - Who Owns the Codex Sinaiticus? - Bible Personages in Archaeology: Seal of Jezebel Identified - Evidence for Inerrancy from an Unexpected Source: OT Chronology

Winter 2008
Biblical IlliteracyThe Red Sea in the New Testament - Locating Etam: Samson's Rock of Refuge - The Royal Precinct at Rameses- New Discoveries at Rameses


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