Codes and Creation DVD

Codes and Creation DVD

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Can the theory of evolution really stand the test of modern science? Evolutionists state that life arose spontaneously from non-life millions of years ago. But modern science has shown that what we see in living things today defies naturalistic explanations. Hear revealing and sometimes shocking quotes from evolutionists that suggest that the very foundations of evolutionary dogma are collapsing under the weight of cutting edge scientific observations.

This dynamic presentation by Calvin Smith looks into what modern technology has revealed about some of the fascinating discoveries scientists have made within the last few years regarding the incredible complexity of living things. Using both still images and computer animation, Calvin explains (using non-scientific language) how the latest scientific discoveries about the building blocks of life and the intriguing concept of information theory, produce a powerful argument against the idea of a materialistic origin of the universe.

Looking for some powerful information to use when witnessing to your unsaved family and friends? Find it in this exciting presentation!


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