Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood Pamphlet

Reasons to Affirm a Global Flood Pamphlet

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The idea that this planet experienced a world-wide flood in its distant past is seldom mentioned in today's schools, colleges or media. It is fair to say that much of academia has rejected such a concept. However, this does not mean that the idea of an epic global flood has been disproved but only that it has been replaced by another view of history. This current view is that the earth, through eons of time, has undergone changes, including many large floods, which can be explained without reference to a catastrophic, world-wide flood. We freely admit that the points made will impact readers differently depending on their particular background. Critics may focus on points that may seem minimal, while ignoring the more compelling evidences. For example, some readers will dismiss the testimony of Scripture, while others will make what the Bible teaches their basis for accepting a global Flood. Our hope, however, is that the accumulative effect of all the Reasons put together, despite possible misunderstandings here and there, will help to convince you of the truth of the global Flood, of the reliability of the Bible, and of the trustworthiness of Creator Christ Himself who said that His return to Earth would be something like what it was during the days of Noah.

Paul HumberPamphlet 30 pages

See the author discuss evidence for a global Flood in this video.

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