Reasons to Reject Evolution

Reasons to Reject Evolution

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Members of the media and evolutionists (whether theistic or atheistic) affirm that evolution is a fact of science and that anyone who would oppose it is either uneducated or an obscurantist. True science, however, should be self-correcting. This booklet is presented as an brief summary of our search for reasoned answers to questions that of necessity are not entirely scientifically based. Common descent evolution, for example, is heavily dependent on the philosophy of materialistic naturalism. No finite scientist was present at the beginning, and prehistory cannot be repeated. Any scientist who claims to have reached conclusions in these matters has gone beyond science into metaphysics. The claim that the physical world alone can account for itself is a worldview - a religious tenet. Many educated people oppose the broad parameters of evolution, however, and this pamphlet gives some reasons why.

Paul Humber, Editor

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