In The Beginning Was Information

In The Beginning Was Information

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'Powerful evidence for the existence of a personal God!'

INFORMATION IS THE CORNERSTONE OF LIFE, yet it is something people don't often think about. In his fascinating new book, In the Beginning Was Information, Dr. Werner Gitt helps the reader see how the very presence of information reveals a Designer:

- Do we take for granted the presence of information that organizes every part of the human body, from hair color to the way internal organs work?

- What is the origin of all our complicated data?

- How is it that information in our ordered universe is organized and processed?

Gitt explains the necessity of information - and more importantly, the need for an Organizer and Originator of that information. The huge amount of information present in just a small amount of DNA alone refutes the possibility of a non-intelligent beginning for life. It all points to a Being who not only organizes biological data, but also cares for the creation.

Dr. Werner Gitt, 260 pages, softcover.

Level: Laymen

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