Pro-Life Combo Pack: Save $16.00

Pro-Life Combo Pack: Save $16.00

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You Save $16.00...and maybe change someone's mind about abortion!

1. Child Sacrifice and Abortion: A Powerful 60 Minute DVD. In this impactful DVD, Henry Smith presents the archaeological and historical evidence from antiquity for child sacrifice in Canaanite culture. Surveying the relevant biblical texts, Mr. Smith also makes connections between this horrific ancient practice and modern day abortion. You will be deeply moved and challenged to rise up and defend the unborn against the practice of abortion, a modern day form of child sacrifice.

child-sac-abortion-cd-md.jpg2. Child Sacrifice and Abortion: A Powerful 60 Minute Audio CD. With an exploration of the OT texts and evidence from archaeology connected to Canaan, see the eerie parallels between this horrible ancient practice and modern day abortion. This presentation will grip your heart and motivate you to pray for the church and our nation, and take a Christ-like, strong stand against abortion, a sanitized form of modern day child sacrifice.

1802. 180 DVD: What Changed Their Seconds?
This powerful DVD has been called 33-minutes of 'video adrenaline', 'mind-blowing', 'an emotional rollercoaster', 'an experience'It's evangelistic and carries a unique pro-life message in which you will see eight people who are pro-abortion, change their minds.Featuring Ray Comfort, of Living Waters MinistriesWarning: Contains Graphic Content

2012-b&s-winter-lg.jpg3. Winter 2012 Bible and Spade: Child Sacrifice and Abortion.

Inside this issue, you will find several powerful articles, including:

Tanit in the Mirror
Abortion and the Ancient Practice of Child Sacrifice
The Testimony of the Didache
Evolution and the American Abortion Mentality
Jepthah's Vow
Redeeming the Carthaginians?

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