Egyptian and Biblical History FOUR DVD Combo Pack: Save over 30%

Egyptian and Biblical History FOUR DVD Combo Pack

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Egyptian and Biblical History DVD Combo Pack

DVD#1: Correlating Biblical and Egyptian Chronology with Dr. Douglas PetrovichYoung people are being heavily bombarded in secular universities with a very critical and one-sided perspective on the Bible. When the historicity of the Bible is undermined, it opens the door for the spiritual message to also be undermined. That is the power that history has, and the church must provide a counter measure against these attacks. Dr. Petrovich provides viewers with a passionate presentation of God's love of chronological precision, found all throughout the Bible. This DVD introduces correlations between Egyptian history and the historicity of the Israelites in Egypt during the Sojourn and the Exodus. You will come away with a greater appreciation for the importance of history, and with a greater awe of the one true God. 49 minutes

DVD #2: The Israelites in Egyptian Inscriptions with Rev. Gary Byers. From a variety of ancient sources - originating in Egypt and Canaan -we have some amazing textual evidence that the ancient Israelites really did depart from Egypt to conquer and settle in the Promised Land. Rev. Gary Byers surveys the evidence from the archaeological record, including: the Berlin Pedestal, the Merneptah Stela, the 'Shasu of Yahweh,' the Amarna Letters and the Shishak Inscription. All of these discoveries strongly support the historicity of the Bible from Exodus, Joshua, Judges and I Kings. They are all in the right place, at the right time and are the right people - just like the Bible said! 53 minutes

DVD #3: The Pharaohs of the Bondage: The Israelite Slavery in Egypt with Dr. Bryant Wood. In this illustrated presentation, Dr. Wood surveys the Pharaohs who would have been in power during the Israelite slavery in Egypt. This period begins with the expulsion of the Hyksos rulers from Lower Egypt around 1560 BC, and ends with the Exodus in 1446 BC. Ahmose, a native Egyptian ruler and founder of the 18th dynasty, came from Thebes in southern Egypt and would not have known about the accomplishments of Joseph over 300 years earlier. Many of the mummies from this era have been discovered, and are shown in this presentation. The Tomb of Rekhmire, mid-15th century BC, shows foreign slaves making mud bricks, very similar to the biblical descriptions. The evidence for the location of Pithom is outlined, as well as the archaeological discoveries from the royal precinct at Rameses (Tell el-Dab'a) in the Egyptian Delta. Watch as Dr. Wood shows the many correlations between the archeological record from Egypt and the Israelite oppression as described in the Bible. 57 minutes

DVD #4: Identifying the Early Israelites in the Egyptian Archaeological Record with Dr. Douglas Petrovich.After laying the proper foundation in his first DVD, 'Correlating Egyptian and Biblical Chronology,' Dr. Doug Petrovich takes the viewer on a journey through multiple pieces of archaeological evidence from Egypt and the Sinai that correlate with the Bible. Rameses is identified at Tell El-Dab'a in the Nile Delta where Jacob moved his family in 1876 BC. It was here that Israel would grow into a great nation. Doug presents a translation of the Ezbet Rushdi Stele, evidence from Avaris, and the pyramid of Sesotris III at Dahshur, all connecting the Egyptian official Sobekemhat to Joseph himself. He also presents inscriptional evidence from Serabit el-Khadim in the Sinai that has a direct bearing on the historicity Ephraim, Manasseh and Shechem. You will be amazed by the interconnecting web of evidence that supports the reliability of these important biblical characters. Sit back and enjoy the journey! 64 Minutes.

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