God Wrote a Book

God Wrote a Book

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God wrote a book. There is something very powerful in thatsimple statement. The book, of course, is the Bible, and becauseGod is its author, it's the most important work ever written.Millions across the world agree with that, yet many believe it onlyconceptually, doubting that the words of the Bible are in fact thevery words of God.

Pastor James MacDonald addresses today's disturbing trend awayfrom taking God's Word seriously. He clarifies the misconceptionsthat surround the infallibility, reliability, and historicity ofthe Bible and explains why he believes it is the inspired Word ofGod, how it originated, what the Bible is good for, and itsbenefits to us. Written to believers and non-believers who havequestions, this book on the Good Book has the answers.

Level: Laymen

Crossway Books, Hardcover, 128 pages

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