Glimpses of the Gospels:25 Christmastime Contemplations
Glimpses of the Gospels:25 Christmastime Contemplations
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Glimpses of the Gospels:25 Christmastime Contemplations

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Long before the manger in Bethlehem, beginning with the writings of Moses and the prophets, God began to reveal the greatest promise to humanity— to defeat sin through the sacrificial mission of his Son. These Christmastime contemplations focus on the coming of Jesus Christ, and we hope the reflections may help you know God’s promised Messiah.

Perhaps you know well not only the old familiar story of Christmas, but also the grand saga of Scripture and how Christmas fits into God’s eternal purposes for humanity. To this group of readers, our prayer is that our God would use these short daily devotional thoughts to tune our hearts to greater praise, adoration, and worship of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. May this book be an encouragement to live for the glory of Christ, and a help to you in sharing the glorious gospel of our risen Savior and proclaiming the coming of his heavenly kingdom to this earth.

Author: Jonathan J. Routley                                                                                       Pages: 144
Size: 6" x 9"
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Format: Paperback

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