Gospels: Side by Side pamphlet
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Gospels: Side by Side pamphlet

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A Harmony of the Gospels by Chronology and Topics

Easily compare Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John at a glance with over 10 comparison charts, simple summaries, illustrations, and more!

Not every event of Jesus’ life is covered by any one gospel alone—but now, you can easily compare all 100 events across the 4 gospels side by side with this quick-reference pamphlet! See the miracles, events, and parables included in each of them at a glance! Quickly discover how the gospels support—not contradict—each other.

5 Key Features of this Gospels Comparison Pamphlet
  1. 10 charts covering 100 events, 30 miracles, and 40 parables. See which are included in each of the gospels—at a glance.
  2. “Then and Now” map of Israel during Jesus’ time.
  3. Chart tracking where Jesus walked.
  4. Answers key questions: Why are there four Gospels? Why do the gospels place events in different order?
  5. And more!
Instead of flipping back and forth in your Bible, enjoy being able to pull out this pamphlet and quickly reference it.

See Jesus from 4 Different Points of View

See Jesus from four different points of view and learn how their views unite to flesh out a portrait of God in the Gospels Side by Side pamphlet!

The Bible gives us four biographers for Jesus’ life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Consult this concise chart to find out:
  • Why there are four gospels instead of just one.
  • Why three gospels are similar, but the fourth is different.
  • How the gospels complement, not contradict, each other.
  • Why most of Christ’s story focuses on his last week.
  • And more!

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