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How do you respond to unexpected change? To plans interrupted, perspectives challenged, and routines ruined? Do you hide from it, distracting yourself by staying busy? Do you resist it, questioning the new direction? Although change remains an unavoidable part of life, we naturally crave to maintain the stability of the familiar. Discover how to stay afloat despite life's changes and interruptions in Rose Publishing's pamphlet, Jonah.

When God unexpectedly called Jonah to preach against sinful Nineveh, he asked Jonah to—                                                                                                                                 • Change his life's direction.
• Change his location.
• Change his perspective on who deserves God's grace.
How did Jonah respond? He hid, attempting to run from God. So, God swallowed him up in his mercy and reminded him of his grace. Find out how Jonah's story represents more than a fishing tale, explore the scope of God's unrelenting mercy, and discover how God can transform life's in unanticipated ways in Jonah.

Dive into the meaning and relevance of this beloved Bible story with this full color, 14-pannel pamphlet which highlights one disobedient prophet and one all-loving God. Enjoy hundreds of fascinating facts and scriptural insights at your fingertips, including information on the cultural, historical, and symbolic background of the Book of Jonah.

God doesn't promise us smooth sailing, but when we let him navigate our life choices he will never let us sink.

Jonah provides helpful study insights and tools, including—
• Commentary on Jonah's story
• Historical background of the Book of Jonah
• Multiple explanations for Jonah's anger
• The symbolism of Nineveh, Tarshish, and the "leaf and worm" parable
• Cultural background of the Assyrian Empire
• Map of the Assyrian Empire
• A chart explaining "the sign of Jonah" in various Gospels
• A chart comparing the sailors' prayers with Jonah's plea within the whale
• Reflective questions throughout each section to make the content personal

Jonah covers key biblical themes, including—
• Disobedience
• God's compassion and mercy
• Repentance
• Deliverance
• God's calling and will
• Grace
• Self-centeredness
• God's sovereignty
• God's impartiality
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Unfolds to 38 inches long. Fits inside most Bibles. Full color, 14 panels, glossy coating for durability.

•Attractive. Full-color, includes graphics, charts, and a map of the Assyrian Empire.

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