Kids Book Bundle - 3 Books
Kids Book Bundle - 3 Books
Kids Book Bundle - 3 Books
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Kids Book Bundle - 3 Books

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A Scary Choice: 

A Scary Choice - is the biblical story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den in a rhyming, fun format. The story teaches about following God no matter what the cost.

Each page is beautifully illustrated and includes scripture references from the book of Daniel.

The book ends with a salvation page for your child to fill out with their name for a personal commitment to Christ.
Bible Devotions for Bedtime:  Going a step beyond Bible stories, this fun devotional book challenges children ages five to eight to stop and think about the meaning of each account. More than five dozen devotions are drawn from the breadth of Scripture-from the Creation to Revelation-and are brightly illustrated, in full color, for young readers' pleasure. Bible Devotions for Bedtime is perfect for parents wanting to spend spiritual "quality time" with their kids! It's an ideal follow up to Barbour's Bible Stories for Bedtime. 
Adam and Family: This is the true account of the world's first family, that of Adam and Eve. It answers many of the questions that children have, arising from the evolutionary stories they see on TV or from their own experience, such as:
Where di human beings come from?
Are there such things as ape-man and have we evolved from them?
What is sin and why is it wrong?
Why is it so much easier to do bad things than to do good things?
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
Who is Satan and why does he have so much power?
Who did Cain marry?

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