The Life of the Apostle Paul

The Life of the Apostle Paul

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200 Key Facts at a Glance

The Life of the Apostle Paul pamphlet consists of hundreds of fascinating facts revealed through:
  • Concise descriptions
  • Colorful maps of his journeys,
  • A time line of recorded life events
  • Paul’s letters and their messages
  • And much more.
Beginning with his birth in the year AD 5 (approximately) and continuing through his death in AD 64 or 68, this bestselling pamphlet is an excellent study on its own or a helpful supplement to any study of Paul’s epistles. The pamphlet is attractive with a glossy finish.

Size: 8.5x 5.5” unfolds to 33” long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

What happened from the time Paul was a Pharisee persecuting Christians to the time he was beheaded for his faith? The answers to these questions and many others are found in The Life of the Apostle Paul, a comprehensive yet easy-to-use glossy 12-panel pamphlet. Pastors and teachers will find it easy to present:
  • Background on Paul’s (Saul’s) education and Damascus Road conversion
  • Maps of Paul’s well-documented missionary journeys
  • His writings to key churches and individuals
The pamphlet also reveals the many hardships Paul suffered on behalf of the Gospels, for example, having been:
  • Under arrest for two years without a trial
  • Bitten by a snake
  • Stoned
Pastors and missions leaders may want to purchase a copy of this pamphlet for each church member.

Key Features of the Life of Paul Pamphlet

The Life of the Apostle Paul pamphlet is a wonderful way for teachers to present the remarkable life of Paul. The pamphlet includes:
  • A timeline of key life and ministry events
  • Maps of his three missionary journeys that covered approximately seven years, collectively, as well as—
    • The names of those who traveled with him, such as Barnabas, John Mark, Luke, Timothy, Priscilla and Aquila, among others
    • The main routes and approximate miles traveled on each venture
    • A chart of Paul’s writings including:
      • The name of each letter and a key verse of each letter
      • To whom the letters were written Where they were written When they were written And the theme of each letter:
      • Scriptures on the “thorn” in Paul’s flesh
      • Paul’s key teachings include topics on sin; justification; church leadership; marriage and singleness; and prayer, to name a few.

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