Conquest and Crisis: Studies in Joshua, Judges and Ruth

Conquest and Crisis: Studies in Joshua, Judges and Ruth

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Dedicated to Dr. Bryant G. Wood

Archaeologist, Scholar and Friend

In recognition of his many contributions to the field of Biblical Archaeology in general and his skillful defense of the historical integrity of the Conquest narratives in particular.

Conquest and Crisis: Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth by former Grace College and Seminary president John J. Davis is now available. The book is a concise analysis of Israel's conquest and settlement of Canaan. The author uses recent archaeological discoveries, the Hebrew text, a thorough understanding of the Near Eastern culture, and a number of new charts, graphs, maps and archaeological finds to interpret the history and theology of the three Old Testament books.

Davis is the author of 18 books and numerous articles. He has served as a senior staff member on 12 archaeological expeditions to Israel and Jordan, has participated in the Wheaton Institute of Archaeology, and has served as Executive Dean of the Near East School of Archaeology in Jerusalem.

BMH Books, Softcover, 274 pages

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