BIBLE and SPADE produced in Winter, Spring and Summer 1998

1998 Bible and Spade Back issues

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BIBLE and SPADE produced in Winter, Spring and Summer 1998. Bible and Spade produced after Summer 1998 are in large format.

Summer 1998
Noah, His Ark, His Mountain, His City and His Tomb - How Old Are Those Hills? - The Ancient Document Rule and the Flood of Noah's Day - The Flood and Subsequent Civilization

Spring 1998
The Bible and Extraterrestrial Life - A Study of the Hebrew Word Yom in the Creation Narrative (Genesis 1, 2) - The City of Andrew and Peter: Bethsaida - The World's Oldest Church: Aqaba, Jordan

Winter 1998
To Sling or Not to Sling - That Was Never The Question - Signals From Space - Gone, But Not Forgotten: The Hurrians and Their Kingdom of the Lion - Bible Personages in Archaeology: Omri, King of Israel

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