Three issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 1997

1997 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Autumn 1997
How Were Fossils Formed? - Wars and Rumors of War: Evidence of Ancient Edomites - Edomite/Israelite War Strengthened by New Finds - 'Does Your Teacher Not Pay the (Temple) Tax?' (Mt. 17:24-27) - Among the Reeds of the Nile

Spring/Summer 1997
Separating Materialist Philosophy From Science - The Archives of Ugarit - Pharaohs and Kings Confused: David Rohl's New Chronology - Bible Personages in Archaeology: The Sons of Jacob

Winter 1997
Fossil Fantasy - Abraham and the King of Egypt - Thy Servants Take Pleasure in Her Stones - Bible Personages in Archaeology: The Clans of Manasseh

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