Four issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 1989

1989 Bible and Spade Back Issues

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Four issues of BIBLE and SPADE produced in 1989. Order all four at a discount! Issues listed with an *asterisk* are available as photocopies.

Autumn 1989
The Virgin Birth Explored - Biblical Melodies Inspired as Well as Words? - The Bible Was Right: Belshazzar - A Boat From Jesus' Time is Discovered

Summer 1989
Daniel vs. the Critics - Is the Grand Canyon Young? - Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? - New Light on the Life of Jesus - Moses, Exodus and a Family Feud

Spring 1989
Luke the Historian - Soldiers, Spies, Scripture - Biblical Archaeology - The Doctor Who Wrote History

*Winter 1989*
Qumran - Bible Music - The Resurrection - Divine Healers

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